WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-22

6 PARENT COMMUNICATION West Point cadets appreciate support from parents and family members. Information is made available via the West Point web- site, West Point social media platforms and West Point Parents Clubs. Please keep in mind this is a college experience, and your cadet is responsible for navigating much of it on his or her own. We encourage open communication between parents and ca- dets. It is the role of the Parent Communications Liaison to help answer questions or redirect parents if/when the need arises. West Point offers a variety of support services. If your cadet is in need of support or assistance, please encourage him/her to reach out to their chain of command, or staff and faculty member. (Services are outlined on page 41 of this book.) West Point Parents Clubs also facilitate communication between the Academy and cadet parents, promoting the image of West Point, assisting the Academy with its recruitment efforts and providing camaraderie to parents of cadets. The Public Affairs Office and the Parent Communications Liaison assist parents and the Parents Clubs all over the country. The clubs offer an opportunity for mutual support, fellowship and access to useful information about the Academy and cadet life. Please refer to the resources posted by the West Point Public Affairs Office and/or the Parent Communications Liaison for up to date information. The Parent Handbook is an excellent source of information. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this handbook. For many parents it has become a “go to reference” when seeking information on everything from academics and military training to support services and acronyms and abbreviations (West Point lingo). We have worked to compile information from across the Academy to help you have a better understanding of cadet life. Other sources helpful to parents: • Web: WestPoint.edu/Parents • Instagram: West Point Parents • Facebook: West Point Parents • Twitter: West Point Parent We encourage you to join your local parents club. To find a club near you, check the directory in this handbook, contact the West Point Parent Communications Liaison at 845.938.8826 or via email, deb.dalton@westpoint.edu . Go Army! Congratulations! Debra Dalton USMA Parent Communications Liaison DISCLAIMER: This publication was privately produced and is not the product of an official of the United States Army acting in an official capacity. The contents of this publication, including words, images, and opinions, are unofficial and not to be considered as the official views of the United States Military Academy, United States Army, or Department of Defense. Neither this publication nor its content are endorsed by the United States Military Academy, United States Army, or Department of Defense.