WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-22

54 ALUMNI PROGRAMS & SERVICES Alumni Events The Alumni Events Office provides event planning resources to West Point Classes, shared interest groups, and USMA staff and faculty for reunions and special events held at West Point and online registration services to West Point Classes, Societies, Parents Clubs, shared interest groups, cadets, and USMA staff and faculty for reunions, Founders Day events, and special events. WestPointAOG.org/Events 845.446.1649 Nicole Vitale, Director of Alumni Events & Operations Nicole Corbin, Senior Manager of Alumni Events Home Football Games “Open House” Army football games at West Point are superb opportunities for graduates, parents, and the public to familiarize themselves with Herbert Alumni Center. Our building is open to the public and allows you to relax, enjoy a few light refreshments, and shop in our Gift Shop. Herbert Alumni Center and the WPAOG Gift Shop are open each home football game from 9:00 a.m. until one hour after the game concludes. For more information, please visit WestPointAOG.org/Tailgates. 845.446.1612 Amy Hagan, Director of Alumni Services Isabella Wolf, Alumni Services Manager Frank Shaffer, Alumni Services Coordinator THE LONG GRAY LINE OF US STRETCHES “TheWPAOGAlumni Support department serves the LongGray Linewith honor and pride. We provide premiumservices to graduates throughout their life journey —fromnavigating earlymilitary service, through life transitions including returning toWest Point, and bymemorializing legacies.” Terence Sinkfield ’99 Vice President of Alumni Support terence.sinkfield@wpaog.org 845.446.1513