WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-22

WestPointAOG.org | 800.BE A.GRAD 49 bleachers. Although these two teams are rivals, they are not enemies; the competition derives from each team’s respect for one another and their desire to be the best that they can be. It is the greatest rivalry in college sports because after four years on the playing field, the two teams join hands as brothers and sisters in arms to defend our nation. There are two ways to acquire tickets to “America’s Game:” 1. Become an Army A Clubmember: An annual membership to the Army A Club grants access to purchase tickets to the Army-Navy Football Game. The quantity and quality of tickets available for purchase is determined by your annual giving level to the Army A Club. Donations to the Army A Club directly support more than 1,000 outstanding cadet-athletes.. 2. Become an ArmyWest Point Football season ticket holder: Please note that Army-Navy tickets are not included with your season ticket purchase nor are they available online. Priority Seating Priority tickets may be located in the lower or upper level of the stadium. The number of tickets you have access to depends on your annual giving level to the Army A Club or season ticket quantity. The location of your tickets will be determined by your 2021 Army A Club membership. All other requests will be fulfilled based on availability. Club Level Seating The club level is located between the lower and upper levels of the stadium and features an indoor heated concourse and hospitality area. Club level seating has sold out for the past five years, and order requests will only be processed for Commandant ($5,000) level members and above if inventory remains. Army-Navy Parking Parking is extremely limited at MetLife Stadium, and we encourage all fans to carpool or take public transportation. To accommodate as many fans as possible, Commandant ($5,000) level members and above may request one complimentary parking pass. Requests will be fulfilled based on membership level, priority points, and pass availability. The Army-Navy Gala Take place on Friday, December 10th, the Gala is the best way to kick off Army-Navy weekend! Army A Club members have access to purchase tickets for $125 each, or a table of 10 seats for $1,000. For more information, please contact the Army A Club at 845.938.2322 or odiaaclub@westpoint.edu . For more information, call the Army A Club at 845.938.2322. Army West Point Football For more information on Army West Point Football, please visit www.armygameday.com .