WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-22

42 GLOSSARY 2% Club A cadet is in this club if they have had the same girlfriend or boyfriend from R Day to graduation “A” Squad A cadet varsity intercollegiate team AFC As for Class AI Additional Instruction AIAD Academic Individual Advanced Development AMI Morning Inspection APFT Army Physical Fitness Test ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test Army Brat Son or daughter of a career army soldier ASAP As soon as possible Authos Authorization to miss drill or other company training AWOL Absent Without Leave Barracks The residence facilities where cadets live while at West Point Beast “Old Corps” slang for Cadet Basic Training Boodle Cake, candy, ice cream, etc… BS&L Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership BTO Brigade Tactical Officer Bugle Notes The “Cadet Bible,” a book with historical and required knowledge, issued to Fourth-Class cadets Bust To reduce in rank as a result of misconduct proceeding BUTT The remaining of anything, as the butt of a month (e.g., 21 days and a butt until graduation) Butter Bar A new second lieutenant Cadet Honor Code The pledge that all cadets live by, that a cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do Cadre Upper Class cadets orienting new cadets Candidate Someone, typically high school seniors and/or juniors, applying to West Point Candidate Kit An online “package” of forms and instructions you need to complete your application Candidate Portal A portal where current candidates can access their application files online, a password-protected site where you find your Candidate Kit Candidate Questionnaire An initial candidate application which is considered “starting a file” Candidate Statement Three questions that the applicant (Candidate) answers in essay form as part of the application package (Candidate Kit) CBT Cadet Basic Training CEAC Cyber & Engineering Academic Center CFA Candidate Fitness Assessment, physical assessment that you must pass to be considered for admission to West Point CFT Cadet Field Training Charlie Mike Continue Missions CHGS Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Civvies Civilian Clothes CLS Department of Chemistry and Life Science C&ME Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Coastie One that attends United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) COM The Commandant of Cadets Companies The groups of cadets that you live with (36 companies total) COR Cadet Observation Report