WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-22

41 SUPPORT SERVICES CEP—Center for Enhanced Performance The mission of the Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP) is to educate and train the Corps of Cadets on comprehensive performance psychology and academic skills to develop their full potential. The CEP is West Point’s comprehensive student assistance center, providing all cadets with a variety of individual and group programs and services focused on helping cadets further develop as self-regulated learners and leaders of character. The CEP helps cadets achieve excellence in West Point’s four developmental pillars—academic, physical, military, and character—through targeted education and training on specific strategies and intangible mental skills that underlie elite human performance across all domains. The CEP is located in Jefferson Hall. CPD—Center for Personal Development The Center for Personal Development (CPD) provides comprehensive counseling services to the Corps of Cadets in an accepting and supportive environment. CPD is staffed by Army and Civilian clinical psychologists with a broad range of experience providing counseling and behavioral health treatment. Our mission is to “facilitate the personal and professional development of cadets into leaders of character as future Army officers.” The center’s motto “Know Yourself to Lead Others” embodies our mission and purpose. Purpose • Help reduce the impact of stress • Improve performance and readiness • Develop resiliency and perseverance CPD also provides consultation to the Chain of Command and USMA staff (professors, sponsors, mentors, coaches) regarding developmental or psychological concerns. We strongly encourage cadets to use our services proactively. The CPD is located on the sixth floor of Washington Hall. CPD – 845.938.3022/2360 and after-hours emergencies – 845.591.7215. MFLC—Military and Family Life Counselors The MFLC program provides brief, non-medical, solution-focused counseling to all service members and their families, which includes the Corps of Cadets and Cadet Candidates, on a confidential basis. The civilian providers are licensed mental health professionals and offer support for a wide variety of sub-clinical issues, such as relationship difficulties, academic or athletic stress, or general wellness. The MFLC service is a confidential program with no documentation or reporting of any kind, except in cases of potential harm. Cadets have access to an embedded MFLC in each Regiment who is housed in the barracks for easy access. Cadet Candidates have an embedded MFLC available at USMAPS as well. The West Point MFLC Team Lead can be reached at 845.219.4199 with any questions.