WPAOG Parent Handbook 2021-22

3 Dear Parents, On behalf of the staff and faculty of the United States Military Academy, congratulations and welcome to the West Point family! Thank you for supporting your son or daughter’s decision to attend West Point. That decision is more than just a pursuit of higher education. They have each chosen to “support and defend the Constitution” as they serve their country as Army officers. At West Point, we sustain Army readiness by developing the leaders of character our Army needs to build and lead the cohesive teams who will fight and win our nation’s wars, leaders who are committed to the Army Values and the West Point values of Duty, Honor, Country. For the next 47 months, your sons and daughters will undergo the most challenging leader development experience in the world. They will receive a top-tier education, recognized nationally for excellence, along with robust and relevant military and physical training, while learning how to be a leader. But at the heart of everything we do is develop character and the moral-ethical attributes essential to good leadership, all of which is woven into every aspect of the 47-month experience. Since our founding in 1802, West Point graduates have served our Army and nation with honor and distinction as career officers, heads of state, Cabinet members, members of Congress, state governors, astronauts, and leaders in industry and academia. Many have been trailblazers, making history and paving the way for future generations of leaders of character. Soon, your son or daughter will join the ranks of the prestigious Long Gray line and continue that great tradition of selfless service as they lead honorably, live honorably and demonstrate excellence. You have many opportunities to support your children while they attend West Point. As a first step, I suggest you contact our USMA Parent Communications Liaison, Debra Dalton or visit our parent website at WestPoint.edu/Parents to find the social media platforms and review the resources available to you. We are privileged to work with your sons and daughters as they develop and strengthen the skills that are vital for their long-term success. Thank you for your support. Go Army! LTGDarryl A. Williams ’83 60th Superintendent United States Military Academy DISCLAIMER: This publication was privately produced and is not the product of an official of the United States Army acting in an official capacity. The contents of this publication, including words, images, and opinions, are unofficial and not to be considered as the official views of the United States Military Academy, United States Army, or Department of Defense. Neither this publication nor its content are endorsed by the United States Military Academy, United States Army, or Department of Defense. WELCOME!